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“Extremely helpful”

Excellent service, extremely helpful from the initial contact through to the end of the GP session.  Kept me informed at all times, very efficient and friendly staff and have always got the result that the practice needs.

Recruitment Manager - South East

“Always offering a professional service”

Raja has been a huge support in helping staff our multiple urgent care sites. Always offering a professional service and offering quality locum GP’s.

Recruitment Manager - North East

“We would certainly recommend”

We would recommend the services provided by Thegpteam as 8 (Extremely Likely)

Our specific experiences since working with this agency is professionalism, accurate clinical diagnosis & good timekeeping. We would certainly recommend.


Recruitment Manager - London

“I won’t hesitate to utilise Freddy again”

My company historically has avoided using agencies and until recently have been able to get by without needing to employ locums or at least, with a very slight locum presence in our clinics.  Due to a recent expansion of 10 new sites, we found ourselves in need of locum GP’s to bridge gaps in our service whilst we recruited salaried replacements.

I approached a number of agencies with a variety of GP roles and the majority failed to source candidates in a timely fashion or in the locations I had provided.

Freddie, working on the GP team is an exception to the rule.  With each location I provided he sent me shortlists of candidates quickly and worked with me to facilitate my own method of screening and onboarding at every step of the way.  His candidates were all capable, flexible and employable and we hired a good number of them who are working in our sites right now.

Freddie re-worked his rates at my behest to bring in line with competitors and kept constant communication with me throughout the process.

Better still, when candidates took advantage re expenses etc, he worked with me to solve issues and do so in a professional manner!  This is particularly important to me as how a company deals with adversity and situations going south is important and is an area where companies in vertical markets that may be generally considered “good” will often let themselves down.

I won’t hesitate to utilise Freddy again should we find ourselves in need of additional locums and would recommend him to any internal recruiter looking to find locum GP’s in short order.

Recruitment Manager - Private Medical Group

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